What’s a Nimbus…

Have you ever seen a circle of radiant light around a religious figure? Or a glowing circle of light around the sun or the moon?

Nimbus Moon Small - Cropped

That’s a nimbus.

A nimbus is a halo. The sun shining behind the clouds. The light against an object. The rare night when the moon is contained within a circle of light.

At Nimbus Brands, we strive to create this halo around your brand, so when the world sees your company’s name, it lights up their field of vision. A nimbus highlights the object it surrounds. So too must your events and marketing efforts highlight your company.

The Nimbus Brands Belief…

Branding is an internal and external exchange. Much like the internal / external health of our bodies, our brands are synergistic with our company.Orange Arrow

Company culture and the dedication to building the brand facilitates the internal health of the brand. The internal health of the brand flows outward, impacting the external image. Likewise, the external health of our brand flows inward, impacting our employee’s belief in the company, motivation levels, and internal goals. The success of our social media, events, and advertising directly impact the internal health of the company.

Nimbus Brands is focused on making this synergy between your internal and external company health work to promote your brand, ultimately making your brand SHINE. When companies are able to successfully execute this ideal, there is no glass above their heads and there is no need to shoot for the stars.

Because they’ve already surpassed them.

Let Nimbus Brands help you leave stars in your dust.