Nimbus Brands works with Keller Williams Realty – Northeast on their Kingwood events. For seven years, Keller Williams Northeast has run a Concert in the Park series benefitting local charities. We are honored to be a part of this amazing concert series this year.

Nimbus Brands manages all the details of this concert, from booking sponsors and bands, to finding donated raffle gifts from local businesses, to coordinating with local charities to bring them a great fundraising and awareness-building event. We worked with sound and lighting experts, equipment rentals companies, and organized volunteers, to make this one of the best concerts Keller Williams has had.

And we plan to do it even better next time.

One of my passions and reasons of starting Nimbus Brands was that I love to see companies succeed. I’d much rather be in the background, making every detail seamless so no one even notices the amount of work that goes into this type of event. Nimbus Brands takes care of all the hard work, the details and the inevitable complications so that the only thing left for our clients to do at the end is to SHINE.

Concert Video – March Concert in the Park